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Quelques exemples d'écovillages


Lieux de vie, collectifs, micro-société, squat, communautés intentionnelles, ecovillages, ecolieux...


Encyclopédie collaborative traitant des techniques de vie alternative dans des domaines aussi variés que les transports, l'habitat, l'alimentation..  http://fr.ekopedia.org/

GEN - Le réseau mondial des écovillages, "communautés rurales ou urbaines" qui appliquent un fonctionnent social solidaire et un mode de vie ayant un impact écologique réduit. L'organisation est constituée de trois structures : Oceanie et Asie (GENOA), Amériques (ENA) et Europe, Afrique et moyen Orient (GEN) - GEN offers inspiring examples of how people and communities can live healthy, cooperative, genuinely happy and meaningful lifestyles -- http://gen.ecovillage.org/

Écolieux francophones   http://ecolieuxdefrance.free.fr/


Des exemples bien connus :

  Findhorn en Ecosse avec 350 résidents in Scotland with 350 residents
  Lebensgarten en Allemagne avec 250 résidents
  Damanhur en Italie avec  850 résidents
  Auroville en Inde avec1500 résidents
  Crystal Waters en Australie avec 150 résidents
  The Farm au Tennessee, USA, avec 280 résidents

  Kookaburra Park Eco-Village à Gin Gin, Queensland Australie 


Les réseaux

  Réseau des écovillages en France 
  Blue Star Ecovillage en Australia
  Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), avec pas mal d'infos générales
  Intentional Communities Network
 Global Eco-Village Network (GEN)

This is a Danish based site of the Gaia trust whose purpose is to faciiltate Eco-Village Development world wide. 

 GEN Oceania 
  The Cohousing Network

Exemples aux Etats-Unis:


Cobb Hill Cohousing - A cohousing community, research institute, and organic farm in Vermont


Twin Oaks Community - An intentional community in rural Virginia that is income-sharing, holds the values of non-violence, egalitarianism, and environmentalism and manufactures leisure furniture, makes soy products, and indexes books.  


The Farm - An intentional community located in south central Tennessee.


Sunward Cohousing - A community dedicated to creating a place where resources are shared, the Earth is respected, diversity is welcomed, children play in safety, and living in community with neighbors comes naturally.


Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage - An ecovillage in progress in northeastern Missouri. Dancing Rabbit plans to be a locally self-reliant small town of 500-1000 residents demonstrating ecological sustainability.


EcoVillage of Loudoun County, VA: A Green Cohousing Community - A residential community based on the social principles of cohousing and the environmental principles of sustainable development


EcoVillage at Ithaca - A unique habitat in New York which includes cohousing, organic agriculture, cottage industries, an education center, and natural areas


Zendik Farm - The Ecolibrium Revolution - A revolutionary tribe of Warrior Artists designing a brave new culture.


Songaia Cohousing Cooperative -Nonprofit cooperative community near Seattle, Washington


Marsh Commons Cohousing - Intentional community creating a neighborhood cooperation featuring ecologically sound principles of environment-friendly development with architecturally innovative design in Arcata, Humboldt County, California.


Heartwood CoHousing - Cohousing neighborhood in southwest Colorado with a deep sense of community nestled on a few acres within 250 acres of pine forest and pastureland


Skyhouse Community - Small, close-knit, income-sharing egalitarian community, located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri


Milagro - An ecologically-minded cohousing community located on 43 acres of Sonoran desert near Tucson, Arizona


The Quarries EcoVillage - Practicing the principles of responsible environmental design, building, and sustainable community development


Eno Commons Cohousing - This neighborhood is under construction in Durham, North Carolina.



Oak Creek Commons Cohousing - A group of families, partners, singles, and retirees dedicated to creating a cohousing neighborhood in Paso Robles, California


Seattle Cohousing - This is the first cohousing community in Seattle that is close to downtown


Enota: An Ecovillage - An intentional community teaching sustainability through organic and biodynamic gardening, permaculture, village building, food storage, and farm animal care


The Eden Project - EcoVillage Community - Creating a natural healing environment, with sustainable living, permaculture, cooperative living, egalitarianism, ecological design, and solar power. Includes a vegan section. Near Willits, California


Garden o' Vegan - Vegan Community in Hawaii - Garden o' Vegan is a project to bring together vegan families on 56 acres of paradise


Wolfroad Natural/Organic/Healing Lifestyle Center - Involves alternative healing, macrobiotics, energy, permaculture, and building


Meadowdance Community Group - Egalitarian, child-centered community that welcomes human diversity, ecological sensibility, mutual learning and joy. In Plainfield, Vermont




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